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Aperture Film Lab

120 Black & White Dev

120 Black & White Dev

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120 (medium format) Black & White developing - we develop all B&W films manually to achieve the best results.

Push and pull processing is free with all black and white films, just note your desired stops on the canister when dropping off.


Depending on the actual workload, our normal turnaround can vary from 5 to 7 working days. However we also offer an Express Developing Service: for 5 Euro extra (per roll) we commit to deliver the scanned negatives within 48h upon arrival to the lab.

We offer to cut and sleeve your negatives in pergamine files at an extra cost of 0,50 cents/roll. Alternatively we will simply roll the negatives back up and place them in a plastic canister (or dispose of them should you not want them back).

After the negatives are scanned, you can pick them up in person at the lab or you can have them mailed to you.

Prices are per roll and include VAT.

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