The Gallery

We regularly host exhibitions: the aim being to give to young photographers the chance to showcase their work and to engage with their audience. There is no open call at the moment, but we encourage exchange and are looking forward to collaborating with individuals and groups.

CONTEMPLATING TIME - Analogue Photography as Practice

Vernissage Thursday 13th June 2024 18:00

In an era oversaturated by images, where the production of visual content has never been easier or faster, why do we feel the urge to slow down and go back to analogue? How does working on film differ from the digital approach to reportage? Does the medium affect the relationship between photographer and subject? 

We posed these questions to three photographers and looked into their individual practices.

On display works of Amelie Koerbs, Payman Hazheer, Felix Vollmann.

Solo Exhibition - Luca Vincenzo "Ecstatic Facades"

Vernissage Saturday 18th November 2023 15:00

Luca Vincenzo is an artist from South Africa currently living in Berlin. His creative practice finds form in photography, ceramics, writing, and human interaction. In his photographic work, Luca utilises portraiture, documentary, and the conventions of tableaux to explore intimacy between strangers. Vivid and colourful, his works frame people and places through a lens that is at once curious and sensitive. His process also lends itself to such traits, employing classic film photography and digital collage to create images, and darkroom printing and copy-shop photostats to reproduce them. For the artist and audience, these images—bright, familiar, frequently warm, sometimes strange—are a means of escape and connection. An unexpected conversation. An open-ended invitation to feel good while lost.

One Year Aperture Film Lab: A Collective Exhibition

Vernissage Thursday, 13th July 2023 19:00

To celebrate the first year of the lab, we opened our space to the film community. We selected 9 photographers, 9 different approaches to analogue photography, 9 different perspectives of the medium.

The exhibition is a chance to discover and meet new, talented artists, an opportunity to get inspired and connect with fellow photographers.

With works of Nicolas Koch, Cathleen Lapp, Curtis Hughes, Patrick Smith, Thao Hien Vo, Nicolai Sauer, Tiana Lenz, Sandra Drljaca, Philipp Kost. 

Solo Exhibition - Anton Hangschlitt "Where We Are"

Vernissage Friday, 3rd February 2023 17:00

We rush through them daily neglecting their overseen beauty. Urban spaces are a subject that fascinates Berlin based photographer Anton Hangschlitt. In his work he portrays these otherwise crowded places of passage with the intention of evoking feelings of loneliness, resonance and suspension. By employing deliberate framing, leading lines and purposeful colours, he creates atmospheric composition.

“Where We Are” displays a collection of his favourite works including motifs from cities such as Berlin, Brussels, Vienna and London. He exclusively shoots colour negative film.

Solo Exhibition - Philipp Köhler “Two Years C-41”

Vernissage Friday, 30th September 2022 19:00

We’ve all seen it and felt it when the pandemic hit: how fragile yet important teamwork is. People and fashion photography in particular lives by the creative work of coworkers that think, communicate and work in alignment. Having a functional, diverse crew around with creatives whose opinions are respected and needed, makes all the difference between a good and great photograph.

"Two Years C-41" is a collection of images taken by Philipp Köhler, a 34 years old photographer currently living and working in Berlin for over two years. His focus is analog photography. Philipp has a deep desire to work with human beings in front and around his lens to achieve authentic pictures grown out of teamwork.

The exhibition showcases a couple of Philipps favorite works that were created in team spirit since the summer of 2020. The photos have been partially scanned and partially printed as a c-print.

Duo Exhibition - Sabrina Weniger + Ian Wainaina

Vernissage Thursday, 19th May 2022 18:00

Sabrina Weniger - Jasmine the lovebird

We walk a bit with Chieh: we accompany her, then him. In 2016 the portrait project about the journey of a young woman deciding for a decisive change in her life, starts. Alongside family, friends, colleagues, professionals and acquaintances, we are allowed to take part again and again in the formal preparations of gender reassignment surgery in order to become a trans man and the inner processes that occupy Chieh during this time. A lot has happened since then: ideals have met real hurdles, first love has led Chieh to self-love, and the desire to be perceived as a man on the outside has given way to an awareness that there might be more to us than our body. The project Jasmine the lovebird meets Chieh at a stop-over in his still continual journey. We learn: The other tells us who we are. And who we are is a tug of war between being and becoming. Chieh shares with us his view on loneliness, togetherness, happiness and the society we live in. We share and show what we see and hear.

Ian Wainaina - Synergy: a whole greater than the sum of its individual parts

Ian Wainaina is a Kenyan visual artist based in Berlin. He creates narratives rooted in capturing his experiences growing up in a majority black society versus the majority white society he has lived in for the past seven years. His work employs a calculated use of abstraction, materiality and experimentation both within and without the camera, in a way that invites new and unpredictable cycles of thoughts and associations within the viewer. By inducing the viewer to be a co-author, his works aim to convey an essence shaped by the viewer’s experiences, over and above just the aesthetic beauty of the scene or the subjects within.