Come and say hello

Our lab and garelly are located in the heart of Charlottenburg: Schlüterstr. 68 - [S-Bahn Savignyplatz]

We are a professional film lab focusing on color negative and black & white processing. Developing and scanning are done in-house. Our favorite scanner is the legendary Fujifilm Frontier SP3000, which allows us to get wonderful results from the get-go. At the moment the Fujifilm Frontier is the lab's main scanner.

We spend extra time to make sure your photos are scanned to the highest standard. We adjust the density of each frame to properly render the colors and save as many details as possible, in both the highlights and the shadows. 

This takes time but ensures the best results from your negatives. Unless specified by you, we adjust the contrast of your photos, nevertheless making sure to give you the possibility to easily edit your scans. Please, let us now if you wish to have extra-flat scans.

We manually develop all black & white film with a JOBO machine, using only the highest quality chemical agents. Our main developer is Ilford DD-X, and the whole process is kept as standard as possible to achieve consistent results. We don’t use the same chemicals twice, fresh chemicals are used each time.