A few things about us

Can I place an order online?

Yes, you can order your development and scan services on our webpage, and then bring or send your films, together with your order number to the lab or drop them in our 24/7 Dropbox located in front of the lab.

When and where can I drop my films?

Our lab is located at Schlürterstr. 68, 10625. If you are coming out of our opening hours, you can always drop your films in the Dropbox.

Our Dropbox gives you the possibility to come at any time to drop your films. We will start processing them from the following working day.

At what resolution do you scan?

We offer medium and large scans. For 35mm the medium scans have a resolution of 3637 x 2433 pixels and comes either as .jpg or as .tiff files. Large scans offer a bit of extra quality, have a resolution of 5444 x 3649 pixels and come as .tiff files.

Medium PRO Scan - Affordable .tiff Files

For 35mm we offer a special option: medium size (3637 x 2433 px) but with the extra quality of a .tiff file (no compression). This is perfect if you edit your photos in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Can I decide how my negatives are scanned?

Yes. If you have a preferred way for your negatives to be scanned please make note of this when ordering online or write it on your order envelope at the lab.

How do I get my scans?

After developing and scanning your negatives, we will send you a link to download your scans.

What happens to the negatives after the scan?

You can either pick them up personally or have them sent back to you (extra costs are applicable). We will keep your negatives for a maximum of 2 months: please, don't forget to pick them up.
We won't cut the roll if the frames are underexposed (to avoid damaging them), if there is any spacing issue, or if there are only a few exposed frames.

Can I pay with the card at the lab?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, EC and PayPal.

Do you push films?

Yes, we push and pull color negatives and black & white films. We charge 5 Euro extra per roll for pushing C41 (if you place your order online, please order the service separately). Important: we don’t charge extra for pushing and pulling black & white films. Please note the right pushed/pulled stops on the canister.