Black & White Development and Printing Workshop

Introduction to black & white film development, from picking the right film stock to developing at home and printing in the darkroom.

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The workshop takes place over 2 days.

We will first consider different films, their specific strengths and weaknesses, how to choose between them and why. We will discuss how to properly expose film in different light conditions, focusing on understanding the difference between metering on a digital camera vs. analogue.

During the first meeting we will learn how to develop using a Paterson tank: the aim of the workshop is to understand and practice the whole process, from preparing the necessary tools and chemistry until the final part of rinsing and drying the film. We will also learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and how to evaluate the final results.

The second part of the workshop will take place in the darkroom. Here we will learn how to set up a darkroom, focusing in particular on how the enlarger works and how to use it. Each participant will first print a contact sheet from the roll developed during the first session, and then select and print 1 or 2 photos. We will learn the basics of silver gelatin printing, from controlling the contrast of the photo to the techniques of dodging and burning.

Ideally each participant will bring an exposed roll to develop. 

The workshop is for individuals or small groups - costs 190 Euro (VAT included)/person.